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Publications of the Estonian Road Museum represents studies on mobility and transport history

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The first edition of the book “Studies of Mobility and Transportation History” focuses on the connection between transport and the roads. This new format comes instead of recent yearbook.

The main purpose of the museum is research on Estonian road history and heritage. “After rating of our resources, it seemed rational to give up publication of yearbooks and focus on the qualitA of the content,” said Andres Seene, the researcher of the museum. “New format enables to expand the genres of approach with a single research, collection of articles, source material publications or exhibition catalogues.”

The first edition consists of 6 articles and they all are dedicated to the Estonian transportation history. They include topics on horse era history as well as automobile history.

The motive for composing the book is  the most important development project of 2016-2019 – a new exposition environment. Part of the articles grew out from research work done for the use of the exhibition.   

The content of the Publication of the Estonian Road Museum:

  • Bicycle Clubs in Estonia 1888-1918, Tambet Muide
  • Comparatively on the Activity of Cabmen in Europe and Estonia, Riho Paramonov
  • The Development and International Context of Estonian Taxis, Riho Paramonov
  •  Road Administration´s Attempt to Protect Roads: Story of the Model Horse-cart, Annika Kupits
  • The Start of the Estonian Automobile Transport. Regulation Attempts of the Automobile Transport in the 1920s and 1920s, Andres Seene
  • Road Transport in the Estonian SSR by Example of Automobile Base No 5 (1952-1991), Jens Raevald

The compiler and editor – Andres Seene, the researcher of the road museum.

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