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Children´s museum

Along with the new permanent exhibition, unveiled in the spring of 2016, a unique children’s museum was also opened, where the youngest museum-goers have a whole floor or exciting things to discover and activities to try out.

A mysterious Time Animal lives in the Children`s Museum, who is always happy to meet little friends to learn time on a clock and find out what really is this invisible and restless time.

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Themes of children`s museum

LIFE AT THE POSTAL STATION – postal matters and carriage of post. We will learn more about who conducted the daily work at postal stations and kids can try out the jobs of some professions on their own. We will also remind everyone how to write a real letter and send one out. A child who has participated in this programme will know how to compile, prepare and send a letter via post.

TRAVELLING – why and how did people travel back in the day? What should you take along for a trip? Is travelling fun or tedious? What to do so that you don’t get bored during a trip? We will look for answers in travel suitcases from various eras and will try to learn a bit more about the owners of said luggage. Participants of the programme will, through discoveries of travel suitcases, acquire information about the daily lives of people in the past and practical knowledge of travelling as well.

TIME – measuring time and the passing of time. Time is strange thing, it never stays still. Maybe that’s why it is so hard to study? We will give it a go nevertheless. We will visit a clock and study various time measuring tools. The aim of the programme is to teach children how to tell the time from a clock and to improve their sense of time.

MAP OF ESTONIA – Estonia may be small, but sometimes it is very difficult to tell where it starts or ends. Is Saaremaa abroad? Where is the winter capital? Is it a long way from Narva to Haapsalu and does the route pass through Pärnu? Where do I live? We will learn more about Estonia and search for our roots. Participants of the programme will be able to name the largest towns in Estonia, the symbols thereof and will know how to assess the locations of towns from one another.

MUSEUM and FAIRY TALES – the fairy tale chamber is a place where even the youngest museum visitors will feel right at home. Who else could be a bigger expert in the field of fairy tales! This is a miniature museum, with display items from well-known fairy tales. We will learn how to treat and study museum items with a lot of care. Participants of the programme will learn more about the museum work and hear new things about fairy tales.

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