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children summer trip

Kids summer trip

Hey-ho, little and big adventurers!

Vacation does not have to mean flying to the pyramids of Egypt; climbing the Munamägi tower and hugging the Tammelauri oak can also be a great experience. No smart phones or xbox's, just vivid moments full of exploration, friskiness and self-making – The Kids Summer Trip awaits!

The Kids Summer trip includes several great locations in the Southeastern corner of Estonia. Visits to those places are easy to organize and the experience from family time will surely be a great travelling memory.

  • The Road Museum shows you the road story of previous times and gives an opportunity to test your traffic knowledge;
  • At Pokumaa, you shall meet the world of Edgar Valter book characters;
  • Witch’s Country demonstrates the everyday life of a witch and takes you to riot in the Traffic City.

After an expeditious day, the whole family can comfortably relax at the spa and sauna centre of the Kubija hotel-nature spa. If you should like to enjoy the beautiful South-Estonia for a longer time, we will be happy to assist you in finding the closest lodging, eatery, and also additional activities if necessary.

Plenty of great experiences and awesome activities to last for days.

The Kids Summer Trip awaits you!

Four super great places only for 49 €!
Joint tickets are sold in all Kids Summer Trip ticket sales points.

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