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Road museum was nominated for best exhibition award


On January 24 in Valga the Estonian Road museum presented its new permanent Machinery Hall exhibition, which was opened 5 months ago, at an annual Museum Association conference.

The exhibition was nominated with two other museums for Museum Rat award by Estonian Museum Association. The winner was „Space in Motion“ – the permanent exhibition of Museum of Estonian Architecture´s.

How has Machinery Hall changed life in the museum during  this 5 month period?

Besides 1500 m2 of showroom with history of 100 years of roadbuilding machines and motorization there is a traffic education centre where children and adults can learn and recall rules of safe traffic. The number of visitors has increased 20% compared to 2018. Even November and January theretofore quiet now are rather busy. There are more educational programmes and children birthdays.

Presentation of the museum at the annual conference is here: