Open Tue-Sun 11-19


Road museum is opening a “million exhibition” in the summer

uus masinahall, uus ekspositsioon, masinate valitsemine

Estonian Road museum represents its new exhibition to public. The exhibition introduces Estonian car culture and roadbuilding throughout last 100 years.

Exposition on 1500 m2 sets 120 tons of machines and gives meaning to our relationship with cars during the 20th century. One can recognize how cars have turned from luxury items into basic commodities. The structure of the exhibition is following: car culture, road machinery and traffic safety.

The conception of the exhibition will be illustrated by Jevgeni Zolotko´s 3 sculptures made of 3 old internal combustion engines.

The exhibition is mainly focused on traffic safety. The visitors, for example, can familiarize themselves with the rules of mechanics or effect of weather conditions on traffic. One can use simulators of secondary activities or try how important your reaction in dangerous situations.

Exhibition displays could be moved as appropriate, fit it for a specific use of conference or cultural event hall.

Museum assumes that new tourist attraction will support the development of whole area by creating new jobs, lengthening visiting period, improvement of conditions for visitors and growing attendance.

The exhibition was designed by Motor Agency – Produktsioonigrupp OÜ

Physical production by TM Development OÜ.

Building of the new exhibition is financed by the Road Administration and the European Regional Development Fund. Full cost of the project is 2,2 million euros whereby 1,66 million was project benefit.

Presentation of the exhibition here.