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An agenda of common interest will create a solid foundation for the development of the historical Postal Road

postitee, ühiste kavatsuste protokoll

On the 15th of February during the conference „Postal Road as a Boarders Shifter“ in the Estonian Road museum  Road Dapartment, Environmental Board, State Forest Management Centre, local governments and MTÜ Postitee will sign the Agenda of Common Interest essential for maintenance and development of the Postal road.

The co-operation between above-mentioned started 2 years ago. The team brought up a question – what is common interest of different partners on the Postal Road? The answer was following:  an ambition to protect, preserve, develop and introduce historical and cultural object – Postal Road and its valuable landscape, to promote development of sustainable recreation and surroundings and balanced environmental management.

This comprehensive agreement maps the documents, the interests and the fields of responsibility of the partners.

Road Department is responsible for actions in road-area, local governments field is everything connected with greenery, rest areas, bus stops and other road side constructions.  Environmental Board monitors continuation of protection of Liiva-Varbuse section of the road after the end of its governmental protection, State Forest Management Centre is the administerer of roadside forests, Road museum keeps track on maintenance of historical  road marking, bridges and culverts. MTÜ Postitee is the partner who involves groups of interest and local community.

The spokesmen of working party will introduce their position from different points of view at the conference.

The second part of the day is dedicated to the Road museum´s new exhibition building and the Centre of Traffic Education.