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Road museum comes to travel trade fair with cut in half BMW

pooleks lõigatud bemm

This weekend, February 7-9, Estonian Road museum introduces itself among other exhibitors in Tallinn on Tourest travel trade fair. This time one of the showiest exhibits – BMW cut in half – comes along.

Last summer a new permanent exhibition on 1500 m2, dedicated to conflicting relationship in power between cars and their drivers, was opened.

BMW was cut longways in half to show the anatomy of the car, how an engine operates, and how to operate mechanical power inside the car. You can also remind how to fasten the seatbelt correctly.

Tourest is a good place to introduce seasonal plans. This summer museum is going to tell the story about the greatest invention of the mankind – the wheel. Whole family exhibition will introduce its long history, nuances of production and possibilities of recycling.

In 2020 we celebrate 155th anniversary of former Varbuse postal station, now the heart of the museum and in July 50th birthday of Lada. In August we invite to drive-in cinema and summer season ends with the parade of vintage side car motorbikes.

You can find road museum in the “Visit Estonia!” hall together with Mooste manor, Pesa hotel and Taevaskoja holiday centre.

Tourist information from Põlva County Development Centre and Põlvamaa Tourist Information Centre.