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Restoration of the first Estonian motor grader started

Road Administration, Road museum, Järvamaa Vocational Education Centre and veteran road builders started restoration of V-1, the first Estonian self-propelled grader, manufactured in 1948.

It was the first grader designed and constructed in Estonia by engineer Arnold Volberg (1900-1967) and its name V-1 was inspired by the designer. The grader based on the aggregates of GAZ-AA truck.  At that time there were no such road machinery in the USSR.  122 machines were built before they were replaced by newer models. As it is known none of the original graders remained. There are only large number of photographs, original drawings, motor, gearbox, front and rear axle.

Different graders were produced in Estonia in 1920s, but they were designed elsewhere – Swedish Bitvargen for example, which was manufactured in Ilmarine factory. Some years later the same factory started production of American Caterpillars which seemed more suitable for Estonian roads. 

„We all have common purpose – to restore completely significant milestone of the Estonian road machine building,“ Kadri Valner, the head of the museum explained the aim of the restoration. She also recognized joint work with Vocational Education Centre and veteran road builders Raimo Unt and Tõnis Pappel.

3-year Project is planned to begin in Järvamaa Vocational Education Centre in autumn when future grader drivers and road builders start mounting the grader.

Completed V-1 will be added to the museum collection.

Today the road museum awaits any information about original parts of V-1.

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