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Grader Corbex-Vammas CG-18 arrived in the road museum.


Collection of the road museum got a long expected showpiece – the first grader produced in Estonia after restoration of independence.

Production of graders in Estonia has long-time tradition. Machines were built in Estonia during previous independence and in the first decades of soviet time whereby the first motor grader of the USSR was built in Estonia.

After restoration of independence in 1992 a firm AS Corbex Engineering in Kohila re-established grader building tradition. They started technical development of Finnish Vammas road grader and built Corbex-Vammas CG-18 and number 001 on it marks the first machine produced in Kohila.

Busy years spent in service passed in AS TREV2 and now it spends its retirement age in the Estonian road museum. For museum it is an honour to keep significant machine of Estonian grader building in its collection.

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