OPEN Tue-Sun 11-19


In Estonian Trailblazers, a new book published by the Estonian Road Museum, road masters and unique road machines earn attention.

Estonian roads have evolved essentially during last 100 years thanks to ideas, creativity and work of dozens of people. Machines, plants and devices, unique in the context of Estonia road history and manufactured by local master workmen, are brought out in the book.

Estonian Trailblazers published by Estonian Road Museum, is a book about Estonian road machine builders during last 100 years. The book is a  distinctive continuation of The Reign of the Automobile published in 2019. „It was typical for the development of the motor transport based on internal combustion engine, to be ahead of the development of the infrastructure of road building,“ explained Andres Seene, the research fellow of the museum. „Development of the motor transport as well as development of mechanization of the road engineering have been tightly connected, so that road users nowadays even can´t realize it,“ added Seene.

Road history is mainly history of engineering, especially in its contemporary meaning.  Themes of the book are manufacturing of road graders during last 100 years in Estonia, local winter service technical developments and several other machines, plants and devices. In addition to the main text and old extracts from newspapers you can also find more than 150 thematic photos and drawings from the Estonian Road Museum collection for the most part.

Both books are available in English (Estonian Trailblazers at the end of the year) in the Road Museum.