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Head teed! - Permanent Exhibition

The permanent exhibition Have a Good Trip! on the ground floor of the main building of Varbuse Postal Station about the history of roads and communication searches for an answer to the question whether the world has become bigger or smaller with the building of roads and the increase in speed. Who are roads built for? Where have roads led travellers over the centuries, and what kind of dangers lurked on them? The new exhibition of the museum takes visitors on an eye-opening trip back in time on Estonian roads, including the so-called horse era – from ancient times to the 1930s.

Roads are a good example of how people have shaped natural landscapes and how landscapes have in turn shaped our paths. Today the road is much straighter and smoother – it takes us further more easily and more quickly. Yet it is still one and the same road that takes us where we want to go, and helps us get to where we need to go. Have a good trip!

The new permanent exhibition Have a Good Trip! opened on 1 May 2016.

You can visit the following buildings at Varbuse Postal Station:

  • Main building – permanent exhibition Have a Good Trip!
  • Second floor of main building – children's museum
  • Coach house – horse-drawn carriage exhibition

head teed
Foto: Sven Soome.

In the children's museum, on the second floor of the main building, you can discover how quickly time passes, try on seven-league boots, grow a carriage for Cinderella from a pumpkin seed, learn to read a map, and build bridges and roads. Here every child can impersonate characters at the bustling former postal station and discover social relations in a small community 150 years ago.

The themes explored at the museum are enhanced by a variety of activities and programmes. More specific information is available here. Postijaama ülema kirjutuslaud lastemuuseumis.

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