As a Pedestrian in the Traffic Jungle | Maanteemuuseum

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As a Pedestrian in the Traffic Jungle

You will find out safety tips for pedestrians and  how to be a polite and responsible road user.

Target group: pre-schoolers, students of secondary, vocational and high school, adults

Duration: 60-80 minutes

Younger participators can practise how to come out of car or bus properly, how long braking distance is and remind essential traffic signs for pedestrians. For older participants discussion on risk of distracted activities of road users and history of safety supply and its necessity.  During the reflector season we try out effect of different luminous products and make our own reflector.


Programme fee 4€ for preschool and 6€ for students (includes entry ticket)

Additional information:

Neidi Ulst
Tel: +372 511 7440

Kerle Kadak
Programme Manager
Tel: +372 5330 2641