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Totem trees are towering in the Estonian Road Museum

tootemipuud uues masinahallis

The winner of the art competition of the new Machinery Hall, a sculpture group of Jevgeni Zolodko, has now arrived to the museum. The three sculptures, totem trees as road guides are placed in front of the entrances of the new machine hall.

The sculptures are 2,5 m high and weigh about 250 kilos. They are compiled using the engines of 16 different cars. Jevgeni Zolodko´s idea was to create sculptures which illustrated the conception of the power of machines the best way. The sculptures represent our dependence on machines and give an almost archaeological insight into the complex relations of humans and vehicles.

The curator Paavo Kroon stresses Zolotko´s craftsmanship, how he succeeded in building the massive scultures and at the same time paying attention to the details. The originally ambiguous title of the exhibition questions who is really in charge during the car era. This is something the sculptor has kept in mind and madiated masterfully.

Further information:

Paavo Kroon
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