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Estonian Road Museum opens a new exhibition hall on July 20.

masinahall eesti maanteemuuseum masinate valitsemine

On the 20th July at 12 o’clock a new permanent exposition is opened for visitors in Põlvamaa’s number one culture station: the Estonian Road Museum. The expo in the new Machinery Hall discusses the topic of how machines rule over us and how in turn to rule them in a safe way.

Partly an interactive exhibition introduces the mechanics of cars, traffic physics, safe traffic behaviour and building of safe roads.

The 1500 squaremeters is covered with stories about how cars have affected people’s lives during their 100 years of existence, and how the concept of speed, distance and time has changed. The oldest vehicles on our expo date back to the 1920s.

A special part of the show is dedicated to road machines (the biggest collection in East-Europe!) and the history of Estonian road construction.

The exhibition is kid-friendly and welcomes all age groups: there is something to look at, touch and think about for everybody. We promise that even the most experienced drivers will be surprised and entertained! The interactive part of the exposition gives everyone a chance to test his reactions in lifelike traffic situations.

The Machinery Hall can soon also be booked for organizing conferences, concerts and seminars.

The opening ceremony on the 20th of July includes special curator tours, a car drum show by Siim Koppel and a folkmusic concert, hosted by ETNO 2019. Several workshops and activities are organized for children.

The opening festivities take place from 12 to 16. Entrance with a regular museum ticket.

The exhibiton was built by:

*Motor Agency

*TM Development

*RMK Invest.

The building of the Machinery Hall and the exposition was funded by the Road Administration of Republic of Estonia and Enterprise Estonia. The overall cost of the project is about 2 million euros, 1,7 millions of the sum was provided from EAS.

Additional information can be aquired:

Kadri Valner
General Manager of Estonian Road Museum
Tel. +372 528 8104