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Everyone has the right of way

Target group: older kindergarten age group, students of basic schools and secondary schools

Duration: 60–90 min

At the Varbuse postal station exhibition, we learn more about the roads in Estonian and will place them on a timeline. We will also learn about the kinds of goods transported with barges and how travellers crossed the river. We will watch a film about the history of road construction and calculate the differences of a verst, mile and kilometre. We will learn about the historical network of postal stations in Estonia by playing the game “Across Estonia in a post coach”. We will also learn about the pros and cons of the horse era, and discuss how and where Estonians used to travel.

Topics covered:

  • Winter roads – sleigh rides in the snow
  • Hanseatic trade – transporting goods on barges
  • Can’t cross the Emajõgi river, build a bridge!
  • The muddy era of road construction obligation
  • Postal stations – gas stations of the olden times
  • Horse era
  • Train rides save you time
  • Estonians on wheels
  • A window opens to the world

Pilt püsinäituselt.

Let’s peek into the museum’s collections

Target group: students of basic schools, secondary schools and vocational educational institutions, adults

Duration: 45 min

Do you know what a penetrometer or a drawknife is? We will also talk about recently added display items. And whether or not the museum rooms are considered to be museum objects.

This new museum lesson enables children to try the role of a collection holder, learn how and why museum items are stored and what does collecting really mean? When does an item become a museum object? How and where are museum objects kept and packaged? What are the tools of a collection holder? How can one find information about the collections of museums? We will learn about what kind of items the Estonian Road Museum collects. Children will get to try their hand at folding archive boxes and binders for documents and newspapers.

Road Museum on wheels

The Estonian Road Museum packs its bags and takes museum lessons to schools. One lesson lasts for 45 minutes.

Target group: I and II level of basic schools.

Schools can order the following museum lessons:

  • Let’s peek into the museum’s collections
    This lesson introduces the museum as a keeper of historic sources. Participants will learn about what kind of sources the museum collects and preserves. They will also learn about the job and tools of a collection holder. The children will discuss whether or not an old worn item is trash or treasure. As preparatory work, the students could bring along something old that is valuable enough for them to keep.
  • Travellers in the olden times
    Why and how did people travel back in the day? What should you take along for a trip? Is travelling fun or tedious? Participants can find exciting information and fun items concerning travel in the travel chest of the museum. They will also learn about the daily lives of people in the olden times and acquire practical knowledge of travelling.

Experience programme “Good roads! Have a great journey!”

Target group: adults

Duration: 90 min

We will travel the winding roads of Estonia by way of the Varbuse postal station exhibition. Participants will learn about what kinds of goods were transported o barges during the Hanseatic times and taste surprise snacks. They will also watch a film about the era of road obligation. Participants will carry out various team work tasks and play the exciting game of “Across Estonia in a post coach” on the roadmap of the postal station. They will also learn about the pros and cons of the horse era and how to select a horse of the right colour. We will expand the worldview of Estonians with the arrival of trains, bicycles and first cars.

Catering from the Varbuse tea house can be ordered to accompany the experience programme.