As a Passenger in a Traffic Whirl | Maanteemuuseum

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As a Passenger in a Traffic Whirl

During the lesson you will hear about passenger´s proper behaviour in the car or bus and traffic rules to take into account.

Target group: pre-schoolers, students of secondary  school

Duration: 60 minutes

You can examine the museum´s bus collection and find out why it is important to fasten the seatbelt even in the public transport. We will get it completely across by seatbelt test. In the car simulator you can see what happens if you disturb the car driver. With older students we also study the traffic signs, find out how strong the car is.


Programme fee 4€ for preschool and 6€ for students (includes entry ticket)

Additional information:

Neidi Ulst
Tel: +372 511 7440

Kerle Kadak
Programme Manager
Tel: +372 5330 2641