OPEN Wed-Sun 11-18

Teadaanne! 27. novembril on liikluskasvatuskeskus suletud! Toimub muuseumi aastakonverents.

Hurray, I Have Invented the Bicycle!

A museum lesson about the basis of riding the bicycle.

Target group: students of 3rd-6th classes

Duration: 60-90 minutes

We will tell about the development of the bicycle and importance of this invention for the human kind. You can ride different museum´s bicycles, find out the safety standards of the bicycle, talk over safety equipment and test the egg helmet.


Programme fee 6€ for students (includes entry ticket)

Additional information:

Neidi Ulst
Tel: +372 511 7440

Kerle Kadak
Programme Manager
Tel: +372 5330 2641