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Teadaanne! 27. novembril on liikluskasvatuskeskus suletud! Toimub muuseumi aastakonverents.

Road Museum on wheels

The Estonian Road Museum packs its bags and takes museum lessons to schools. One lesson lasts for 45 minutes.

Sihtgrupp: põhikooli I ja II astme õpilased. 

Target group: I and II level of basic schools.

Schools can order the following museum lessons:

  • Let’s peek into the museum’s collections
    This lesson introduces the museum as a keeper of historic sources. Participants will learn about what kind of sources the museum collects and preserves. They will also learn about the job and tools of a collection holder. The children will discuss whether or not an old worn item is trash or treasure. As preparatory work, the students could bring along something old that is valuable enough for them to keep.
  • Travellers in the olden times
    Why and how did people travel back in the day? What should you take along for a trip? Is travelling fun or tedious? Participants can find exciting information and fun items concerning travel in the travel chest of the museum. They will also learn about the daily lives of people in the olden times and acquire practical knowledge of travelling.

The education programmes of the Estonian Road Museum are based on the “National curriculum for basic schools” and the “National curriculum for upper secondary schools”. History programmes are based on the curriculum of history lessons, thereby facilitating the achievement of study objectives thereof. The programmes mainly support the topic of “Cultural identity”.

Every year, the museum’s events calendar also includes a couple of holidays from the folk calendar that we celebrate with a special programme. Traditionally we organise a Christmas programme, Shrovetide fun, Easter celebrations, Father’s Day and several other important holidays.


Programme fee 4€ for preschool and 6€ for students (includes entry ticket).

Additional information:

Neidi Ulst
Tel: +372 511 7440

Kerle Kadak
Programme Manager
Tel: +372 5330 2641