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Tour-Guide services

Museum ticket is not included in the tour-guide service. NB! Double price for times outside of museum opening times

Birthdays of children

The Road museum is the place where you can celebrate your child´s birthday. The programme lasts 2,5 hours. It consists of different activities under the guidance of the museum educator, free games and using party room. More information. 

Seminar in the museum

The museum’s training centre located in the old stable facility of the postal station bears the name Tee Meistriklass (Road Masterclass). The seminar room seats 32 persons, additional 10 seats are possible if required. The room can be easily and quickly adjusted for different activities. Conference technology: data projector, computer, screen, metal board, and chalkboard.

Catering from Varbuse Teemaja

When visiting the Estonian Road Museum, you are also welcome to eat at the Varbuse Teemaja (Varbuse Tea House). Teemaja resides in the former stable premises of the postal station. Teemaja treats from may to september (Tue-Sun 12-18).

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