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Museum development

The Investment Support Scheme for Strengthening Regional Competitiveness (PKT), which is funded by the European Regional Development Fund, has allocated full funding for the opening of a traffic education centre and automobile era exhibition of the Estonian Road Museum in the beggining of 2019.

As a result of the project, a 1,500 square metre centre will be created in the machine hall, which is to be reconstructed, of the Estonian Road Museum. The new centre will provide visitors with a comprehensive overview of the effects that the automobile era has had on the history of Estonian roads and traffic. The existing machine hall will be expanded by a third and it will house the automobile era exhibition with displays of introduction of the golden rules of mechanics, traffic education and traffic environment. The cost of the entire project – the construction of the hall and the cost of the exposition itself – is nearly 2 million euros, project support makes up about 1.66 million euros of that sum.

The new centre will have innovative and improved opportunities for providing traffic education to both children and adults. As another innovative aspect, it will be possible to move exposition surfaces around as the needs of the display dictate, thereby modifying the hall to function as a location for conferences or cultural events.  The new centre will be opened in late autumn of 2018, when the Road Administration will celebrate its 100th anniversary. The museum expects that the entire region will benefit from this tourism attraction. As a result of the development, the number of visits to the museum will increase, the reception conditions of visitors will improve, the visitation period will be extended and new jobs shall be created.

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