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Machinery hall

In July 2019 the Estonian Road Museum opened a new exhibition, partly built on the old constructions of the old machinery hall, housing some new and some former dwellers of the hall. The new exhibition is divided both spatially and notionally into three coherent parts. The central space houses an interactive traffic safety exposition, the two side spaces introduce Estonian road machinery and most typical private vehicles through the decades.


The main topic of the exhibition is the controversial relationship between cars and humans. Each part of the exhibition discusses the importance and potentiality of controlling cars in its own way. The content of the parts is following:

  • Car culture – tells a story about cars as former luxury items turning into basic commodities.
  • Traffic safety – an interactive exposition of rules of mechanics and safe driving.
  • Road machinery – 105 tons of road machinery illustrate how machines and engineers have built roads and managed them throughout the past century.

Introductory animation of the new machinery hall:

The winner of the art competition “Tootemipuud” (Totem trees)

tootemipuudDifferent parts of the new exposition will be connected by the group of sculptures “Tootemipuud”. The sculptures will be placed in front of 3 entrances and their purpose is to be a distinctive introduction to the exhibition. In Jevgeni Zolotko´s, the sculptor´s  vision totem trees built of engines represent our dependence on the machines.