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A 100 years old Wanderer arrived in the road museum


Obviously the oldest motor bike, still in running order is deposited for two years in the road museum by the owner.

In 1892 in Chemniz Germany Wanderer factory started production of bicycles and in 1902 the first motor bikes were manufactured. In 1929 Wanderer focused on car production and sold his motor bike license and technology to Czech industrialist  Frantisek Janecek. So a new trademark Jawa (Janecek + Wandeder) was born.

According to statistics of 1927 in Estonia there were 318 motor bikes and in 1928 only 3 Wanderers  in  Tallinn. The owner and restorer of the Wanderer is A. Koop. As he knows, the motorbike arrived in Estonia during the World War I. Present owner got it accidentally 30 years ago. At first he found the engine which was used as the saw engine and the other parts were in the loft under the hay. So he started building a motorbike which is still in running order and apparently is the oldest one on our roads.

On 7 September during Jawa´s  90th birthday  Wanderer as the ancestor of Jawa will be presented. It will be displayed in a new machine hall.