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Road Safety ABC

Target group: pre-school age kids, students of primary and basic schools, students of secondary schools and vocational educational institutions, adults

Duration: 60–90 min

Compile your own road safety programme. You can choose 2–3 activities from the following list:

  • Safety belt testing on a ramp or roll-over car (roll-over car testing is for children aged 12 and up)
  • Test with alcohol impairment goggles (ages 12 and up)
  • Buggy riding (ages 14 and up)
  • Traffic city – introduction of traffic signs, using scooters and bikes, driving in electric cars (electric cars are not used in the case of rainy weather).
  • Track of Skill – riding scooters or bikes on the Track of Skill, testing the necessity of a helmet with and egg and mini-helmet
  • The story of the reflex reflector
  • Crafting

 Hurray, I’ve invented the bicycle!

Target group: 1st–4th graders

Duration: 60–90 min

A museum lesson that combines the history of the bicycle and traffic education. We will tell about the invention and development story of the bicycle and analyse the importance of this invention for the human kind. We will learn about the main rules of riding a bike and spread awareness of the importance of road safety.

Participants of the programme will gain a team work experience by way of various tasks and practical exercises.

Lapsed programmis "Hurraa, ma leiutasin jalgratta!"