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Programmes In The Machine Hall

Machine Hall educational programme "A Man – Master of Machines?"

Target group: kindergarten, comprehensive school, gymnasium

We travel through the car era. We order a taxi or obtain permission for bying the car, familiarize ourselves with huge road machines. In the traffic centre we test different traffic simulators, reflect about traffic risks. We can design our own car or a poster, make a helmet from recycled materials, carry through a scientific experiment with an egg.

From November

Machine Hall educational programme "Lost in Time"

Target group: comprehensive school

Gripping journey in the Machine Hall. Traveller who is lost in time can return to right era after solving different tasks.

Machine Hall educational programme "Traffic and Environment"

Target group: kindergarten, comprehensive school, gymnasium

Can anything needful and useful also be harmful? How cars have an effect on environment? How can I use car more economocally and sustainably?