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Kanepi, Estonia

Take road less travelled

"Simply go there - and play"

Kids Summer Trip

Hey-ho, little and big adventurers!

Vacation does not have to mean flying to the pyramids of Egypt; climbing the Munamägi tower
and hugging the Tammelauri oak can also be a great experience. No smart phones or x-Boxes,
just vivid moments full of exploration, friskiness and self-making – The Kids Summer Trip awaits!

Opening hours of Varbuse Teemaja

Cafe Varbuse Teemaja is closed for ventilation installation works. We will open again on May 20th.On Saturday, the 21st of May cafe is reserved from 2 pm.


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Estonian Road Museum moves on green waves on the Night of Museums

On the 14th of May you are welcome to the Night of Museums program Waves in the Night in the Estonian Road Museum,. This time we pay attention to the frogs who after  waking up from hibernation move on the roads.

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Estonian Road Museum will open a new permanent exhibition on the1st of May

It tells the history of roads and stories about  the travellers who travelled the roads. The exhibition leads the visitors to a time journey, including so-called horse era, period from ancient times to first decades of 20th century.

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