OPEN Wed-Sun 11-18

Teadaanne! 27. novembril on liikluskasvatuskeskus suletud! Toimub muuseumi aastakonverents.

Experience programme “Good roads! Have a great journey!”

We will travel the winding roads of Estonia by way of the Varbuse postal station exhibition.

Target group: adults

Duration: 90 min

Participants will learn about what kinds of goods were transported o barges during the Hanseatic times and taste surprise snacks. They will also watch a film about the era of road obligation. Participants will carry out various team work tasks and play the exciting game of “Across Estonia in a post coach” on the roadmap of the postal station. They will also learn about the pros and cons of the horse era and how to select a horse of the right colour. We will expand the worldview of Estonians with the arrival of trains, bicycles and first cars.

Catering from the Varbuse tea house can be ordered to accompany the experience programme.


The education programmes of the Estonian Road Museum are based on the “National curriculum for basic schools” and the “National curriculum for upper secondary schools”. History programmes are based on the curriculum of history lessons, thereby facilitating the achievement of study objectives thereof. The programmes mainly support the topic of “Cultural identity”.

Every year, the museum’s events calendar also includes a couple of holidays from the folk calendar that we celebrate with a special programme. Traditionally we organise a Christmas programme, Shrovetide fun, Easter celebrations, Father’s Day and several other important holidays.


Programme fee 4€ for preschool and 6€ for students (includes entry ticket).

Additional information:

Neidi Ulst
Tel: +372 511 7440

Kerle Kadak
Programme Manager
Tel: +372 5330 2641